Countdown for the NHRC's recommendations

Romeo waited outside after taking his wife, Susana, to the emergency room at the San Cristobal de las Casas during his daughter’s delivery. Two days later, they brought him her corpse and a dirty baby. They did not offer any explanation. They did not explain that Susana was not treated immediately, that she was left naked in a hospital bed in front of all patients and hospital staff, that they removed her gallbladder without her consent and that, after her death, they took her fingerprint to falsify her authorization of the surgery.

The death of Susana cannot remain unpunished. No woman should suffer what she went through. No family should face what her family is facing. The Mexican State must offer reparation of damages and the San Cristobal Women’s Hospital must be safe for women.

Justice for Susana's family will only happen if the following are achieved: